Announcing the sale of

Sale Price : $70,000 USD


Privacy Statement

It is with great pleasure that the original, year 1999, good faith registrant of the domain name wishes to announce it's sale.

The domain name is obviously a premium four letter domain, and to reflect it's high quality, a price of $70,000 US Dollars is required to secure it's purchase - note that this price cannot be guaranteed for longer than one month at a time, due to currency fluctuations and other factors, and the price may go up as well as down.

he owner is also open to offers within the $xx,xxx USD price range - but it is advisable to be sensibly close to the asking price. Offers made below the $xx,xxx USD price range are highly likely to go unreplied to, in an effort to save everyone's time.

The owner also appreciates that when it comes to exchanging funds, a buyer may seek a level of protection for peace of mind, and is therefore happy to use reputable, established escrow facilities, with usually an equal split of fees between buyer and seller being acceptable. The owner is also open to the use of established domain name brokers - although the buyer will have to incur the addition cost of these higher fees over standard escrow services.

If you are a interest party, please make all enquiries to the following email address:, with "sale enquiry" (without quotes) as the exact Subject field of your email (any other subject field and your email is likely to be automatically rejected as spam and go unseen). Or alternatively via the Contact Privacy website and the Contact Privacy email address on the whois - we are assuming interested parties will have the technical knowledge to do this. You will in return be contacted to acknowledge your interest and answer any questions you may have to the best of our abilities.

Contact is permitted by these two methods only. Enquiries emailed direct to the whois email address (i.e. What the Contact Privacy email address forwards to), if you have managed to obtain it, will be regarded as spam and you should assume will go unread and unreplied to.

Although it is certainly appreciated that interest in this domain is likely to come from many corners of the globe, to avoid any potential for miscommunication / confusion, we also respectfully ask that all contact should also be in English, please. All emails should also be in plain text. Emails containing any image files/"web bugs"/scripts/other content will certainly not be appreciated, and will also likely to be automatically rejected without being seen.

The owner also wishes to point out that they make no claim to any trade mark or service mark with regards to the "myme" name or any associated names.

Nevertheless, the domain registration and ownership precedes any and all registered, relevant trademarks and is fully compliant with ownership and sale rules, which the owner is prepared to defend vigorously if any attempt is made to halt this sale - something which, unfortunately, the owner has needed to successfully demonstrate in the recent past. Therefore I would respectfully ask interested parties to go about things in a correct and honourable manner - even if only for reputation alone. The owner knows the rules, so please make sure you do.

Thank you for your time, and if you're a serious, interested party, we look forward to hearing from you, K.G. Blacklock.